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Community Projects

Senecio WebsiteSenecio Website
Senecio is a non-profit organisation that was started in 2008. At Senecio we wish to bridge the gap between people with disabilities who need therapy but do not have regular access to it due to financial and social circumstances, and therapists who wish to do the therapy, but cannot afford to work for free.
Malamulele Onward WebsiteMalamulele Onward Website
Malamulele Onward is committed to providing specialized therapy skills and services to under-resourced areas of South Africa and other African countries where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy (CP) have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy.
Every child is different, some are very clever, some sportive, some outspoken, others cannot speak. Some children can hardly communicate because of their disability. Such children are often disregarded by the society, marked as faulty, not fitting, not valuable...



The Chaeli CampaigneThe Chaeli Campaigne
The Chaeli Campaign was founded on 6 August 2004 by five girls between the ages of 6 and 12. Chaeli Mycroft, her sister (Erin) and lifelong friends, the Terry sisters (Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea) started The Chaeli Campaign to raise R20 000 for Chaeli's motorised wheelchair. They managed to do this in 7 weeks by selling cards with Erin & Chaeli's artwork on them and Sunshine Pots (DIY miniature pot plants). Although Chaeli is the face of The Chaeli Campaign the spirit on which this organisation is based is the teamwork that exists amongst our five founding members. Our mission now is to mobilise the minds and bodies of children with disabilities and to normalise society through advocacy and education programmes and events. We run six different programmes including providing custom-made assistive devices, therapies (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and communication facilitation) and also support special needs children in mainstream schools.
Headway NatalHeadway Natal
Headway-Natal, in the suburb of Westville 12 km outside the city of Durban KZN, is a charitable organisation dedicated to survivors of brain injury and stroke. As part of its Outreach Programme, Headway has been supporting Zimele Molweni for some 7 years, sourcing funding for transport, a feeding scheme, a therapist, teacher training and salaries. The 46 children and young adults at the centre are all classed as “Special Needs” and Zimele was established to provide diversional activities and life- skill training 5 days a week. Until recently, funding from, largely, the National Lottery has ensured that the centre has remained operational. There has been no commitment from then for future support.


Related Associations

EBTA - European Bobath Tutors AssociationEBTA - European Bobath Tutors Association
EUROPEAN BOBATH TUTORS ASSOCIATION (EBTA) The EBTA would like to encourage Bobath therapists from all countries to access their website for up to date NDT/Bobath information. The general public is able to access all areas of the website, except the members page.
SANRA - Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation AssociationSANRA - Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation Association
The aim of the Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation Association hereafter referred to as SANRA is to promote and develop a special interest in neurological rehabilitation among different professionals, to help in the dissemination of knowledge and skills to those interested in neurological rehabilitation, to support, promote and develop research across disciplines, to foster a multidisciplinary approach to neurological rehabilitation, to foster and encourage the development of training facilities, programmes and ongoing education for neurological rehabilitation and to foster international links in neurological rehabilitation
SASHLA - South African Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationSASHLA - South African Speech-Language-Hearing Association
The South African Speech-Language-Hearing Association is committed to ensuring accessible and appropriate services for all persons with communication disorders. It further aims to develop and co-ordinate the skills and resources of the communication professionals.
IBITA – International Bobath Instructors Training AssociationIBITA – International Bobath Instructors Training Association
International organization of Instructors, teaching the Bobath Concept applied to the assessment and treatment of adults with neurological conditions.Throughout the world, adults with neurological dysfunction will be assured of the services of an interdisciplinary team trained in neurological rehabilitation, originating in the Bobath concept and developed in accordance with current knowledge.
American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
Established in 1947, the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) is a multidisciplinary organization that fosters and stimulates medical professional education, research, and understanding of cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. Our goals are to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families, to research new and promising treatments and educate clinicians to provide the best care possible. The AACPDM began as a medical society founded by a group of physicians involved in the care of children with cerebral palsy. Although we represent many of the medical subspecialties such as orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatric neurology, developmental pediatrics and neurosurgery, we are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to understanding and improving treatments in children with cerebral palsy and all of the developmental disabilities. Therapists (physical, occupational and speech), nurses, and other non-physician professionals (psychologists, biomechanists, engineers, etc) are integral and valuable contributors to the AACPDM membership and mission. On this website, you will have access to many of our educational offerings including webcast grand rounds, reading lists, links to other related websites and registration for the highlight of our educational activities


Research and Education

CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research - McMasters University, CanadaCanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research - McMasters University, Canada
CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research is a research and educational centre founded in 1989 with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Over the years, CanChild has emerged as an international leader in the field of childhood disability through innovative research and a commitment to making research findings easily accessible to a wide range of audiences. CanChild brings together an experienced team of researchers from a wide array of disciplines including pediatrics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, physiatry, speech and language pathology, social psychology, epidemiology and biostatistics. Our researchers conduct health services and systems research on child health issues that will make a difference for children and youth with disabilities and their families. They also teach, supervise and mentor graduate students, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in rehabilitation sciences, medicine, human research methods, and biostatistics. The team has developed strong linkages with other leading researchers in childhood disability, research units, parent networks, rehabilitation and health networks, professional societies, national and international child health organizations.


Special Needs Centres

Whizz KidzWhizz Kidz
To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which children with multiple or severe disabilities, and those with pervasive developmental disorders will receive appropriate and effective educational intervention in order to ensure optimum development. Regardless of the child’s background and culture and irrespective of the degree of disability we at Whizz-Kidz believe that every child has both the potential and the right to learn to the fullest of their capabilities. Whizz-Kidz special Needs Centre caters for children who are generally unable to attend government or mainstream “special schools”.


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